Unmasked with Eddie Izzard

Ron Bennington from the Ron & Fez Show interviews Eddie Izzard.
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Aired 4.13.2010 Via http://atheistplanet.blogspot.com/ Eddie Izzard interviewed on The Hour With George Stroumboulopoulos. Episode Info “Eddie Izzard has bee…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • bsklasika says:

    dude, i do the same thing by reading Ronnie’s lines. he is pure genius and time flies by not even listening to him talk, but even by reading what he somwhen has said.

  • PaladinHero says:

    I think the voice is from Dune.

  • adrastea says:


  • Cryer24597 says:

    For the record it’s a matter of opinion…..
    and your opinion….. is wrong.

  • adrastea says:

    I do like Eddie A LOT. hes very charismatic and brilliant. but when you have some time to waste, google “wackbag ron line of the day thread” and scroll around, its where people post funny oneliners ron says. for the record, im right and you’re wrong, val kilmer in willow. ;)

  • madmartigan4077 says:

    I beg to differ. The funniest man alive is named Eddie Izzard.

  • sorin12342 says:


  • kennyvrocks says:

    Eddie Izzard Is A Genius!!!

  • Alex Austin says:

    he came to Australia, FUCK I MISSED HIM!

  • adrastea says:

    The host of this show is the funniest man alive. His name is Ron Bennington.

  • dudessIsMYnameDammit says:

    who ?

  • Hope Ⓥ Justice says:

    When was this? (:

  • Xanxei1 says:

    I love that Eddie’s seen the Lego Death Star Canteen.

  • adrastea says:

    What a lucky duck to be able to sit down and have a conversation with the magnetic Ronald Bennington.

  • zack lyzun says:

    i gave you a thumps up for effort

  • zack lyzun says:

    Eddie Izzard was great on the TV show The Riches it’s on netflix currently

  • Tiptup77 says:

    Caltrof, you’re the best, I didn’t even know this had happened.

  • PrivateAckbar says:

    You Don’t need to type anything.

  • mrkukkmrkukk says:

    Tss Eddie crawl like a lizard or sumthin’ tss

  • mrkukkmrkukk says:



  • Roughneck8 says:

    Bahaha you made my day, honestly. I really did cringe when typing it but it still seemed better than “First!”

  • PrivateAckbar says:

    Thank you very much for this Caltrof.

  • Roughneck8 says:

    Oh snap, better turn down the tunes so I can listen to this. Sorry Aerosmith but I’ll listen to “Dude looks like a lady” right after this.

  • spaztron5000 says:

    I know that there is a whole system of criteria by which the scholarly community determines whether Jesus (or any ancient historic figure for that matter) actually existed. I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but I know that almost all modern scholars agree that the man known as Jesus did in fact exist. wikipedia search the ‘historicity of Jesus’ and it will tell you more. Thanks for your comment, it makes me want to study more about how scholars determine the existence of anyone :)

  • Gemma Pilling says:

    I really like this interviewer, he actually seems genuinely interested in what Eddie has to say. Great interview.

  • Will Bishop says:

    I am a christian, and I think Eddie Izzard is awesome.

  • danielleN101 says:

    there technically isn’t any

  • SuperJBrowne says:

    I heard Ghandi was racist, is this true?

  • molinarijeden says:

    im atheist, but i think Joshua as a person did exist, he s menitoned in every religion saint books etc.

  • allieron says:

    No, there aren’t. There are three accounts used by Christian apologists, but ALL are proven fakes, and none are contemporary. Jesus as Christ was a myth. A Jesus MAY have existed, brother of James. Nothing more. That’s Reality.
    Alexander, on the other hand, existed, was massively documented by the Greeks, the civilizations he passed through or conquered, and physical proof of him exists. This is Reality. Your magical Jewish carpenter is not.
    Oh, Santa isn’t real either.

  • molinarijeden says:

    yes they are, i cant remember titles but i remember studying about in in school.

    Its like Alexander for example, u will not see his picture but u know he was there.

  • ItsameAlex says:

    Most atheist biblical scholars agree Jesus existed. Richard Dawkins agrees he existed. I looked at the evidence. No it is not a fact since there’s not something that conclusively proves he existed, but there are lots of books on this if you care to study it….

  • thefinewino says:

    I hope he goes back to girl mode if he wants to. I love this man a lot.

  • bocakiki says:

    @mosaicmessiah There is no god and churches are often beautiful. You don’t get it at all . One thing has
    absolutely nothing to do with the other to any atheist!

  • MsLadybones says:

    That’s a beautiful way of putting it. I ‘believe’ in a similar way to Eddie. I do not believe there is a God, at least not one that exerts any influence on our lives or that rewards or punishes us for our actions. Even I have a great appreciation of people coming together in a Church/Mosque etc and trying to be better.

    People can still connect and be moved by the community of religion and the traditions from our upbringing that remind us of our families without believing in God.

  • allieron says:

    Sadly, you’re wrong. There is NO historical accounts of Jesus APART from the Bible, which was compiled and written centuries AFTER his “death” by people who had NEVER seen Jesus, and had only so-called “word-of-mouth” accounts to work off.
    No other written accounts from ANY of the civilizations around Israel at this time mention Jesus, and there is NO account of a Jewish magic man walking on water and turning water into wine from anyone, anywhere.

  • banangem says:

    Well the bible isn’t the only historical document about him, the romans were in fact very good at documenting and there has been more written about him (the bible excluded) than it has been about Julius Ceasar.
    Good day to you

  • mariabulmer says:

    When he said that, I thought straight away that it must be him showing respect to his mother. It’s a physical way of remembering and honouring her. I would do the same, but it would be much more for me than for any god. That’s just my way of looking at it.

  • lmcdsf says:

    Ok. Reasonable question. But by your reasoning, if I listen to Bach’s B Minor Mass & find myself deeply moved (as I always do), does it follow that I am a believer? If the recitation of the Kol Nidre (chanted at the beginning of Yom Kippur services) moves me to tears, does that make me Jewish? Or if seeing Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the wind cheers my heart, am I then Buddhist? There are good reasons for the various rituals of religions; one needn’t believe to appreciate.

  • HitodamaKyrie says:

    Alabama is known as (at least, sometimes) the “buckle” of the so-called Bible Belt. There are alot of fundementalist christians here. Some of my family would count as religious nutjobs. I’m personally an atheist, so if more of my neighbors new about that, they’d no doubt kill me if they could. They’d certainly try to damn me to hell either way.

  • Elin Posh says:

    I dont know what its like there,in Sweden you almost
    never talk about religion,unless u have to.I guess its annoying when people are fanatic wether they´re religious or atheist, but its pretty annoying when people almost never talk about it either.

  • HitodamaKyrie says:

    Atheists are great. You can actually have a decent conversation with them and you don’t have to worry about their wackjob religions. I live in dumbfuckistan Alabama. It’s horrible here. So many idiots. Totally gonna move.

  • Elin Posh says:

    Its even more athesit here,I hate it.

  • HitodamaKyrie says:

    Poor? It’s great that way. I might move to Sweden.

  • Blitzballfan says:

    the host fuckin sucks

  • 1234cm1 says:

    I don’t get it ppl argue on Internet and it gets rly bad sometimes
    Just relax and belive way u want to belive u don’t have to force other ppl to belive in wat u do
    Like I’m Christian and I’m not gonna get into this arguement

    Geez anger managment ppl

  • kabbinet says:

    Lol Same favorite Python scetch!

  • iruss71 says:

    What is really disgusting is that in the Australian parliment, before they start, they have a prayer from the fucking bible!
    If you don’t belive in this shit, why do they still insist on it!
    Really pisses me off…

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