Eddie Izzard DVD 7


Eddie Izzard DVD 7


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PRODUCT DETAILS: Format: PAL Language: English Subtitles: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Number of discs: 7 Classification: To be announced Studio: Universal Pictures UK DVD Release Date: 30 Nov 2009

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Eddie Izzard is a great story teller. Oh, that’s nice, you say to yourself, as you fetch another cup of tea. I like a nice little story.

He is a story teller, with a difference. Not an ordinary story teller. He is an Executive story teller and you’d better be awake.

Hanging on Eddie’s every word, you are carried along a normal story route. Then, without you really noticing, you might be in another country, or another period of time or even hearing the story in another language.

Eddie’s rambling monologue is a tour de force and it is his greatest asset.

He appears to know very little and is easily distracted, but that’s where his consummate skills show through. He is erudite, he knows his history, he is a European in the very sense of the words as he knows his languages and he is in your face.

Don’t be put off by common expletives. Eddie deals them out like bread and jam. In his hands or rather his mouth, the words aren’t foul and yucky; they are punctuation marks which he uses to great advantage.

He has a lengthy acting background with some classic training and he uses that as a board on which to strut his stuff. He is a good but limited mimic and his favourites are given a really good workout. The viewer waits with great anticipation for the Voice of God (James Mason# or for the voice of James Bond #Sean Connery). He inhabits these characters with a great deal of relish and a real sense of fun.

I don’t really like Eddie Izzard as the bearded thespian. I am much more comfortable with him as a showy performer in tight leather pants, high-heeled boots and a bright orange jacket. Oh, did I mention the great copper/gold/blond hairdo with the superb eye make-up and mascara. That’s only one iteration of the fashion plate that he can become but one of the best loved.

For a bloke, he is very light on his feet and moves about the stage while he holds the audience in his hand. See, he is strong and very talented!

Eddie Izzard, a wonderful performer, an out-of-the-square-thinker and a real friend to spend a hilarious night with. Let those belly laughs out and free, smirk at the twist of your interpretation and have a wonderful night out, in the comfort of your own home.

Conclusion Rating
Eddie Izzard is without doubt one of the finest and most original comedians in history. Collected here are seven of his stand up shows.
5 stars

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