Eddie Izzard Stripped Tour Q&A

After the show on May 22 in Pittsburgh, PA
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Circle Tour
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  • vdemon96 says:

    Thanks for uploading this is a good interview :D 

  • Ziggystarla says:

    he didn’t give up on it. he had to stop going around in womens clothes because it’s in the contract of his TV show The Riches. he has to keep a certain look while he’s filming the show so he was to look like a guy because it’s the character.

  • Blacknarcissa says:

    Harsh. I’m only telling you what he said, in his words. x]

  • Blacknarcissa says:

    I heard that he’s given up on being a transvestite.
    In an interview or something.

  • darkandtormented158 says:

    Why isn’t he dressed he looks like a guy? i miss the old eddie. :{

  • Mimm42 says:

    But no mention of Spike Milligan… I’d have thought he was a major Izzard influence.

  • kookie400 says:

    who were your comedian influences???!! hello!!! have you read nothing before going to see Eddie.. it’s izzard 101, and also been also 50 hundred times. what a waste.

  • AliJDB says:

    THANK you loads for posting this and asking the Euro/UK question (if that was the same person) I am eternally grateful!

    Good to know he’ll be back soon, you lot have had him for too long, no fair :( :P

  • everyonedoesit2 says:

    Us European fans are thankful :) I’m seeing him when he gets to the UK

  • lacorsairwench says:

    OMG!! I was at that show but then my mother wouldnt let me stay after!!!!

    And you fence?!?! Where? TRFC? Are you a Yana girl or a Foley girl? I’m Corsair…

  • char9243 says:

    This is the best yet! Thanks!

  • bailesss says:

    Oh yeah.. And that video was awesome.

  • bailesss says:

    I love this man. And I am thoroughly jealous. :)

  • wudulikeacofe says:

    I have just found this and I am so grateful to you for posting it. I am a long way off and don`t get to see this, so this is great. Thanks again. PS. I think the quality is great considering the circumstances. Well done.

  • FencingBabe17 says:

    Did someone come out and say that he wouldn’t be talking? We had to wait about 45 minutes for him to come outside. And I do apologize for the audio – not the best camera to be using for film.
    Anyway, the girl with the tattoo: She had had Eddie sign her leg at another tour “Love Eddie” and had the “love” tattooed on, and wanted to finish the tattoo, but the “Eddie” was in an awkward location, so she asked him to write his name again, lower down.

  • 80sHairBander says:

    Thanks for posting. I was there the next night, but he wasn’t doing the meet & greets or Q & As anymore – I was SOOOOOOOO bummed. So… what happened with the chick with the tat?? The audio was a little fuzzy, I missed about half of it. I would love to get an Eddie tat – keep him with me FOREVER!! He is such an amazing man – I totally love him!!

  • haazizz says:

    Thanks so much for posting this… it was my view at the QA too! Wasn’t the show great. Still haven’t come down… groovy…

  • saraine82 says:

    that was so awesome! i wish i would have stayed after! i am so jealous! :)

  • SuperBeatlesForever says:

    Who is this guy? o.O

    But he is kinda funny ^^

  • YaraleeHM says:

    those pants are incredible

  • beckkah says:

    I was this child, I questioned everything >.<

  • Leshelou112 says:

    lol, f
    ather, me and socrates both died…
    for socrates was killed!

  • Delirium3 says:

    I love the Venn diagran bit lmao “My hand is in a window and my foot is in a grapefruit. As you can see by my diagram”

  • Callhouse says:

    If I am out of the house I am chilling out, if I am in the house am I chilling in???

    I love this question…he´s just amazing

  • gocsa says:

    If I die on the floor, can I get up in these heels? Hilarious:D

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