Eddie Izzard – Stripped – Miami, FL – 06/14/2008 – Encore

Eddie Izzard - Stripped - Miami, FL - 06/14/2008 - Encore

Eddie Izzard – Stripped – Miami, FL – 06/14/2008 – Encore.

My 1st video – attempts to capture moments of Eddie Izzard’s “Stripped” tour and some topics “of social import” from his generous Q&A sessions. Thanks to all…

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  • symelian says:

    then there’s a huge chunk of comedy that u don’t like…

  • PeeJayZephyr says:

    I hate it when a comedian gets political.

  • hawkin939 says:

    I love how Eddie changes each of his shows, if only just a bit so that it is always a different experience for the audience. I have the encore to this same show (only in Las Vegas) on my page, and it’s basically the same, yet radically different. Awesome!

  • mavrick101 says:

    Eddie Izzard is my favorite comedian . I was at this show too :) This was a big check off things to do b4 I die.

  • helpximxamericanx20 says:

    i was at that very show in the back somewhere :)

  • Theresa Brown says:

    I always thought he was a torie because of his accent. He supports Labour in the UK I read he donated £4000 to the Labour Party

  • ShiningLunae says:

    Thank you for the upload. Yay, he’d vote Democrat!

  • pennypalooza says:

    2:34? I think he surreptitiously proposed to me. I, however, am already married. Woe.

  • mort2003icia says:

    he is the sexiest man i had ever seen!!!

  • Xmister47X says:

    ummm letting the cables sleep!! lol it says in the title. its gavin rossdale singing. im not sureifthis is still bush or just his solo stuff

  • halomiz says:

    Thanks much!
    Eddie is talking about the genetic code (in Nashville – Enjoue’s vid). He says, “somewhere in there is the thing that says ‘straight transvestite’… I don’t know why, but I’m just being honest about it – and honesty has got to be a good thing kids.”

  • CherryTripping says:

    what does he say at 2.34??
    LOVE the vid!

  • Nickelpic324 says:

    I love this video — I am getting ready to go to London to see the MAN. Love it, love him..

  • usedpumpkin says:

    Oh gosh! I love this.

    What’s the song? I really like it.

    This is just great! <3

  • melhunter says:

    You’ve killed me dead with this video haha!!

  • dragonfly3691 says:

    Very Nice!

  • theizzardkingfan says:

    nice…well done!

  • TobiasTurkelton says:

    Well done to you!
    I love the clips you selected – I think they highlight what makes Q&A so great: they serve as a lesson/reminder that Eddie is more than a brilliant comedian – he’s an active, positive, progress-minded person, someone you can respect as well as admire.

  • halomiz says:

    thanks! – yes… the QA’s are all insightful.
    So much good stuff out there… Check out Nashville (enjoue), Portland (moobunnymoo), and Pittsburgh (fencingbabe17) where I was fortunate enough to ask a question. My admiration for Eddie just gets deeper.

  • tra62 says:

    Very nice work. Thanks. Seen a few shows but not a Q & A yet. You’ve inspired me to go on….

  • enjoue says:

    I know I’ve already commented, but I think the beginning with all the screaming and all the cell phones and cameras on him at the 1:14 clip really show the “rock star” quality. It’s too cool:)

  • Darydoo says:

    You did a great job with this montage. Very artistic. I <3 Eddie. Saw him 3 times this tour.

  • travelmouse says:

    Very cool! Thank you for this. Saw him in New York on the Tour – Awesome! He’s a beautiful person !

  • Izzardian says:

    Goosebumps again. Nice work. well done to you, how’s the sleep deprivation????

  • halomiz says:

    Found some new clips – and did some tweeking.
    Will try to keep my hands off it now!

  • enjoue says:

    Looks great!

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