EDDIE IZZARD Amber (311)

Eddie Izzard – Driving straight ahead After 20 years on the comedy circuit, and famous for his flamboyant transvestite leanings, comedian Eddie Izzard has come out as a serious actor. Here’s a story. It’s an Eddie Izzard story, about Eddie Izzard, so it veers around the houses and back and forth. He’s packed a lot into his 45 years; yes, even into the two-thirds of his life that happened before he became famous. Stick with it. Like many an Izzard story recounted from the stages of comedy clubs, theatres and arenas around the world, it’s worth it. If you imagine it recounted in his slurred style, it’s even better. It is the early 1980s. Eddie Izzard has hitchhiked from the northern English industrial steel town Sheffield to the city of Birmingham in the Midlands. He’s been living in the student area of the Steel City, sleeping on mates’ floors, having abandoned his degree (accounting, financial management, maths) after only one year. He’d never really wanted to take a place at Sheffield University anyway, or study bean-counting. His big plan had been to go to Cambridge University, “do the Footlights [Cambridge's famous theatre club that has launched countless British stars' careers] then go to Edinburgh [Festival] and then boom, you get a career – they give it to you on a plate.” University of Phoenix Online degrees save time and gas. Learn about your career options. UofPhx.info Troy University eCampus Variety Of Online Courses & Degree Programs. Apply Online Today! TROY

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