Believe – The Eddie Izzard Story (Movie Trailer)

Believe - The Eddie Izzard Story (Movie Trailer)

“Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story – a documentary film chronicling comedian Eddie Izzard. Available on DVD at Hilarious and moving by turns, and full of exclusive never-before-seen footage including the famous ‘wolves’ sketch, his earliest student performances and even street performing riding a unicycle. The story of one man’s triumph over adversity – cameras followed him on a very stressful comeback tour, and caught the story behind some of his best loved material en route. Prior to his Sexie tour in 2003, he delved into his own life for inspiration. So began an accidental voyage into his past that paralleled his world tour and culminated in a moment of revelation about the source of his relentless drive. A tale of how tragedy can be turned to laughter by sheer force of will that will inspire and provoke. Not to be missed!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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